Butterfly ValvesButterfly Valves

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Butterfly ValvesButterfly ValvesButterfly ValvesButterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves Introduction Metal Seat Wafer Butterfly Valve is a part of a commonly used mechanical equipment in the industry. This valve can make our equipment more simple to operate and make people more efficient. It is usually installed in the diameter direction of the pipe and is installed horizontally. In the cylindrical channel of the butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis with a rotation angle of 0 掳 - 90 掳. When the butterfly plate rotates to 90 掳, the valve is fully open. Because of its simple structure, small size, and light weight, it is widely used in various industries. Applicable Standards: DESIGN MANUFACTURE: API609锛汳SS SP-67 CONNECTION DIMENSION: ASME B16.5锛汚SME B16.47 STRUCTURE LENGTH: API 609锛汳SS SP-67锛汭SO 5752 INSPECTION TEST: ISO 5208锛汚PI 598 Materials of parts Body Disc Seat Stem Ring Bolt Nut Clamp Bushing sleeve Gasket PackingWCB/LCB/CF8M/CF8/CF3M/CF3/WC6/WC9/CD3MN WCB+ENP/LCB/CF8M/CF8/CF3M/CF3/WC6/WC9/CD3MN STL/13Cr/316/316L/304/304L/F316L/Monel/F51 F6a/17-4PH/F304/F316/F304L/F316L/F51/Monel 304+Flexible graphite/316+Flexible graphite/Stainless steel series B7M/B8M/L7M/B16M 2HM/8M/7M/4M A36+ENP/Stainless steel series C95200/C95500/SS+304 Flexible graphite+304/Flexible graphite+316 Flexible graphite *Materials of the Metal Seat Wafer Butterfly Valve could be choosed according to customers鈥?requirement working condition. Features and Application: Three eccentric butterfly valve series is our new energy-saving product. Due to the use of high-strength metals, alloys, and sealing rings, it still has stable sealing performance under the working conditions of high temperature and high pressure. In addition, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, and wear resistance are also guaranteed. After technical upgrading and product optimization, our products have less torque, so they are more energy-saving and easier to use. This Metal Seat Wafer Butterfly Valve is widely used in oil, natural gas, medicine, water treatment, and shipbuilding industries.Butterfly Valves website:http://www.zhonghe-valves.com/butterfly-valves/